Name : Seungil Kim

E-mail : 

Twitter : @DrSonicwave

[Research Topics in Electronic Engineering]

User Interaction

l  See : Image/Video Applications, Gesture Recogintion

l  Listen/Speak : Acoustic User Interface, Speech Recognition, Speech/Audio Applications

l  Feel : Touch User Interface, Haptic User Interface

l  Think : Brain Computer Interface

l  Another World : Augmented/Virtual Reality, Game

l  Machine to Machine : Ubiquitous Computing, Infrastructure Network, Ad-hoc Network

l  Person to Person : Social Network, Internet Services

Speech Enhancement and Other Processing

l  Acoustic User Interface : 

l  Microphone Array and Blind Source Separation : Dual/Multi-channel noise reduction, sound source localization and tracking, acoustic user interface

l  Single Channel Noise Reduction : Various time-frequency masking techniques, impulsive noise reduction

l  Other Speech Processing : Voice activity detector, speaker clustering, automatic gain control and acoustic echo cancellation

Audio Processing

l  Audio Codec : Optimization of Ogg-Vorbis codec for ARM9 processor, C++ to C code conversion of mp3 decoder

l  Graphic Equalizer : Implementation and tuning of equalizer in mp3 mobile phone

l  3D Audio : Binaural / transaural 3D audio reproduction, low-order modeling of HRTF


l  Smart Antenna : Development a new adaptive smart antenna algorithm for IMT-2000 and implementation of cdma2000’s reverse channel simulator according to 3GPP2 C.S0002-A

Underwater Acoustics

l  SONAR : Time-domain approach of synthetic aperture array

l  Array Calibration : Array shape estimation, analysis of array imperfection, array calibration


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